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EVENT: "Emerging" - A Pecha Kucha Event by Emerging Group
Emerging: The first event of Emerging Group
Tuesday 24 May; 19:30 - 22:00
The Pecha Kucha event will be split into two parts.

Pecha Kucha draws it name form the Japanese term for the sound of 'chit chat'. It has a very simple format: each presentation has 20 slides each displayed for 20 seconds. This results in a presentation of 6 minutes and 40 seconds.
Part one will be a series of talks from invited speakers exploring emerging ideas in practice and architecture. Already confirmed are the RIBA, Architecture for Humanity, and Redundant Architects Recreation Association, with more to follow.

Part two will be a series of talks from members of the group proposing projects that anyone can sign up to be involved in. These may be exhibitions, debates, film nights, constructions, or any project that a member feels worthwhile. These projects will form the work of Emerging Group.

All our welcome, we look forward to seeing you.

The Emerging Group:
Emerging Group is a place for 'young' architects/designers to meet, discuss, and collaborate on a range of projects/events including exhibitions, debates, publications, and building projects. Through this we hope to promote and engage with emerging ideas and practices, in architecture and the wider design field.

To date, this is the extent of our mission, since what the group is and what it becomes is wholly dependent on the people who choose to participate. The group should be used to celebrate young practitioners, stimulate enthusiasm and explore new ideas.
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