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EXHIBITION: Firecracker Presents: Lives of Others
2nd June - 30th June 2012
Open Monday to Friday 8.30am - 6.00pm
Firecracker is an online support network, which showcases one documentary photographic project by a European female photographer every month and organises a regular series of related promotional and networking events. This exhibition explores notions of identity, culture and family.
Lives of Others
Five female photographers divulge personal stories in this exhibition, engaging visitors through public displays of their highly sensitive work.
Exhibiting artists include Celine Marchbank, Natasha Carauna, Briony Campbell and Laura Hynd. They have developed inward-looking, personally reflective and unconventional approaches to self-portraiture, bravely allowing their audiences a glimpse into their private lives and the opportunity to empathise and relate.
In 'The Dad Project' and 'Tulip' both Briony Campbell and Celine Marchbank use their powerful and moving photography to record the pain and devastation of losing a parent. Léonie Hampton's 'In The Shadow of Things'is the product of months spent clearing her mother's home of the clutter collected over years battling with OCD. Laura Hynd's self portrait project 'The Letting Go' questions Hynd's perception of herself and experiments with loss of control and inhibition. Natasha Caruana's 'The Other Woman'is a visual confession of Caruana's life with a married man, and the exploration of other 'other' women who were experiencing the same.

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