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EXHIBITION: Ron Haselden - A Series of Postcards
31st October - 24th November 2011
TALK: Ron Haselden will be giving a talk about his current exhibition 'A Series of Postcards' as well as discussing his previous works at the William Road Gallery on November 11th at 5pm. The talk will be followed by a private view of his exhibition, all are welcome.

Open: Monday to Friday 8.30am-6.30pm
Since January 2008, Ron Haselden has created an ongoing series of over 100 photographic postcards, which he sends to a mailing list of friends and acquaintances via the internet. They are sporadic, diary-like records of subjects encountered during his daily movements; from the banal and often overlooked, to landscape scenes, horizon lines, boats, buildings, and his much-cherished bee hives. Many of the postcards also contain photographs taken during the artist's almost weekly travel between England and Brittany. The many images he takes in this way, using a digital camera that rarely leaves his side, are then manipulated and arranged into composite works on computer. As a result, the works in the Postcards series grapple both with diverse geographies, and time-spans of days, weeks, and even seasons, often within a single group of images.
The prolific nature of the postcards, and their hugely varied range of subjects, manifests the artist's restless visual interaction with the geography of his own movements, as well as his characteristically egalitarian view of the world. Rarely does he privilege one viewpoint over others, attempt to filter beauty from the rest of reality, or capture the static picturesque. Instead, the artist journeys through the landscape behind his camera, photographing the physical (and often sculptural) qualities of his ever-changing environment in relation to his own presence within it. Fundamental to each of the postcards, and to the ongoing nature of the project, is the constant building up of varied and changeable visual information within the influence of what he describes as "the surrounding day to day landscape/ cityscape/ roomscape/ weatherscape etc."
Exhibited as an ongoing series in many venues in France and the UK since 2009. This exhibition will present a carefully edited selection from A Series of Postcards at postcard size for the first time, and will run for one month at William Road Gallery, London.
Matthew Reeves
All Enquiries:
3 John Street
London WC1N 2ES
If you are interested in purchasing Ron's work please go to:                                                                                                                                                                      
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