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Building Back Better Communities: New Housing Competition For Haiti
Building Back Better Communities, Port Au Prince, Haiti - 17 June 2010

Malcolm Reading Consultants, on behalf of the Government of Haiti, is delighted to announce the launch of an international competition to assist the rebuilding programme in Haiti.

The competition ties-in to an Expo, to be held later this year in Haiti. The competition concept was developed by UK architect John McAslan, who is currently working with a number of organisations in the country.
The aim of the project is to help rebuild communities and homes in Haiti. Using an Expo model, the Government of Haiti and others, can see and test different solutions - from the bespoke community-build to mass-produced housing units. The Expo is dedicated to best-practice solutions alongside wider urban themes such as green energy, transportation and use of local materials and production.
The competition is open to all who are willing to work closely with the Government of Haiti to address the housing crisis in post-earthquake Haiti.
There is broad-based support from organisations working in the field and a local team is being assembled who will manage the delivery of the Expo. We are stressing the need for local collaborations and techniques as a key element of the competition. The approach to the Expo will be holistic, focusing on home designs, incorporation of green technologies and the development of model communities.
All details and information is available on the competition web-portal at:
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