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RIBA announces renewed commitment to run RIBA McAslan Bursary

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), John McAslan + Partners, and the Environment Agency have today announced the continuation of the RIBA McAslan Bursary.  Funded by a contribution of £10,000 from the Environment Agency, the 2015 Bursary scheme will be launched in spring 2015. The Department of Business, Innovation and Skills have also agreed to support the Bursary scheme as advisors, while the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) will continue as partners.

The Bursary supports architecture and engineering students, graduates and newly qualified architects and engineers, and promotes innovation and excellence in architecture and design for the benefit of communities and the environment. It will support an individual or team to develop and realise a design research project. Projects will be expected to demonstrate progress towards a sustainable solution that improves the physical environment for communities and tackles the challenges posed by climate change or weather extremes. Applicants will be welcome to apply for grants of up to £5,000 to support their project.

Lord Smith of Finsbury, Chairman of the Environment Agency, said:
"We are delighted to be supporting this initiative to encourage students and newly qualified technical professionals to design sustainable solutions for the benefit of society and the environment. We face huge challenges from a changing climate and this bursary provides support to the next generation of young architects and engineers to develop innovative solutions for the future."

Stephen Hodder, RIBA President, adds:

"I'm delighted that the RIBA, Environment Agency and John McAslan + Partners are joining forces to create this wonderful bursary. The winning team or individual will have the chance to create a unique project while working alongside one of our leading architectural practices. I urge our students on RIBA validated courses and recent graduates to start thinking about their applications ahead of the official launch next year."

John McAslan, Chairman, John McAslan + Partners, adds:

"We are delighted that the Environment Agency is supporting the RIBA McAslan Bursary in 2015. We look forward to receiving submissions for the bursary, which continues to offer a unique opportunity for architecture and engineering students and recent graduates to explore ideas that help make the world a better place."

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