Following John McAslan's well received lecture on the housing crisis in London and New York at the British Library, Architects' Journal has published an article:

A short film from John McAslan's lecture is now available for viewing on YouTube - follow the link provided here:

Here is a précis of his recommendations on how we may tackle the affordable housing crisis :

1. Government must recognise the housing crisis as a suitable case for exceptional measures and come forward with a co-ordinated housing strategy.
2. Greater focus on building homes on empty sites without threatening the green belt.
3. Tougher regulations should force developers to build out higher quality permissioned schemes within a specific period.
4. Micro-housing is here to stay.  The Collective and Pocket Living, will provide good quality, affordable living for hundreds of thousands of people across the capital.
5. Build medium-rise developments as an alternative to vertical residential housing. Existing housing blocks should also be renovated and adapted.
6. Co-housing should be encouraged.
7. New use classes should be created to facilitate the adaptation of redundant buildings in housing and live/work units. In London there is vast amounts of space about low-rise shops which could be converted into flats and live/work
8. More firmly regulated rent differentials using means tested rental models.
9. Local authorities should become co-developers of social and affordable housing.
10. Design quality of housing is crucial. This is not just about aesthetics - well-designed homes contribute to the quality of domestic life.